Agnifera 13th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Agnifera thirteenth July 2017 Written Update

Anurag brings Vishu’s property to Vishu’s hospital room and says his beard has grown lengthy, he’s going to shave it. Vishu says he’s going to shave himself and walks to washroom. Revati brings meals and feeds Vishu. BVishu takes spoon and feeds it to Shristi. Revati will get wrathful. Shristi walks apart reminiscing Vishu’s words that if he grows up, Shirsti shall be with without a fracture in sight. Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi hairan hoon mai…tune…plays within the background. Shristi and Anurag defend care of Vishu. Vishu sleeps protecting Shiristi’s hand. Tune continues within the background and Vishu sleeps. Shristi sees her pic in Vishu’s e-book.

Shristi walks out of Vishu’s hospital room reminiscing Vishu risking his lifestyles for her. Anurag comes and asks her to rest as she is drained. Shristi says she desires Vishu to accept better

rapidly as he bought injured on account of her. Anurag cheers her up and she smiles, feeling chilly. Anurag removes his jacket and dorns it on her signalling her to smile. Ragini comes protecting bouquet and chocs for Vishu and is will get wrathful seeing this. She throws bouquet and chocs, walks to Shristi and snatches jacket and slaps her, says Sasuma is sublime about her, she desires to strangulate her. Anurag shouts Ragini… She comes out of her imagination when Shristi asks when did she come. Ragini says she comes at faulty time consistently, she came now to fulfill Vishu. She walks into Vishu’s room and gives him items. He says these are his well-liked chocs and asks to defend selfie with all of them. She says she’s going to now no longer with all and sundry, nonetheless will with him as soon as he will get properly.

Next morning, doc discharges Vishu. Anurag takes Vishu dwelling with Shristi. Revati greets Vishu, nonetheless will get wrathful seeing him protecting Shristi. Vishu insists Shristi to along. She asks him to lunge, she’s going to accept medical file and medicines. Vishu walks in and Shristi walks out. Revati title callings Shristi that she bought acutely conscious now. Dulari comments and Revati continues. Shristi says she can make an apology Revati although it is now no longer her mistake, nonetheless she’s going to now no longer tolerate if Revati tries to effort her self dignity. Revati snatches file and tablets and walks in angrily.

Ragini angrily holds gun to shoot at empty bottle, nonetheless then remembers promising Anurg that she’s going to now no longer shoot first. She fumes that she can now no longer interpret babuji that she left Anurag, nonetheless as soon as Anurag goes support to London, she’s going to.

Divya takes Vishu to his room and asks how is the decoration she did. He says it’s candy. Anruag asks to sleep on bed and now no longer tent. Vishu says Shristi will sleep her. Revati says she ran away and was elegant acting. Vishu says he’s going to lift Shristi support. Anruag stops him and asks him to tranquil down, else Shristi will now no longer come, he’s going to defend her to Shristi later.

Shristi returns support to work. Shekhar says correct she came support. Shristi asks if he desires to rent one more assistant. He says he can now no longer glance her sad, so he’s going to defend her out for dinner and she deserves it. She thanks him.

Anurag will get a name from London employee that he has to join job in 2 days, else he’s going to take into story one more candidate. Anurag is of the same opinion and thinks he has to lunge away for London the following day itself. Revati hears that.

Precap: Ragini wears purple chunri. Anurag says it’s having a see correct. Ragini says when she wore it first time, he did no longer even see at her. He walks to her and says he’s going to upright his mistake and holds her veil.

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