Agnifera 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi’s Embarrassment Episode

Agnifera Thirteenth February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini and Shristi conceal their parcels under bed and inner cupboard. Vishu insists to replace his shirt and tries to open cupboard. Shristi stops him and says he’s calling aesthetic in most modern shirt. Anurag says he’s having aid wretchedness, so will leisure. Ragini says he can’t and sleeps on bed. Anurg wiggles her. Ragini and Shristi come what could sends them out. They return straight and procure reward containers. Ragini and Shristi catch alarmed whereas they open reward containers.

Revathi continues boasting about herself to her chums and asks Dulari to bring her reward. She says her husband bought her a reward and opens it slowly. Dulari starts boasts that rich of us give precious items. Anurag and Vishu open reward containers and seeing saris reward it’s terribly sanskari. Ragini and Shristi shyingly mediate they are talking about

bikinis. They says papa and dadi and even maa will fancy it. Ragini and Shristi turn red in alarmed, however then composed down seeing saris. They realize that items bought exchanged with Revathi and whisper they’d per chance well per chance just aloof damage sasuma, else bomb will explode. Anurag and Vishu search data from what’s going to explode.

Revathi fumes seeing bikinis. Her chums click pics and snicker. Dulari says items bought exchanged she thinks. Ragini and Shristi glide down and scrutinize bikinis in Revathi’s hand. Rohini walks in to rescue them and sends them aid. Anruag says if she would own knowledgeable, he would own sold a smaller size. Rohini warns Revathi’s chums to break laughing as courier bought exchanged, as soon as she ordered mobile and acquired stones. Chums leave laughing that they bought an amazing entertainment on the present time.

Revathi continues yelling. Dulari says phupa would own ordered saris, however seller despatched something else. Revathi says she’s going to blast sari seller and picks telephone and gets more offended seeing her chums sending pics to complete personnel. She calls seller and blasts how dare he’s to send inappropriate items. He says he himself packed red and blue saris. Dulari assessments bikinis. Divya walks in and laughs, says 2 parcels came, one for papa and one for bhabhi. Revathi fumes that Ragini dared to play this prank, she’s going to make certain that Ragini doesn’t consummate with Anurag complete lifestyles.

Ragini practices apologizing Revathi and Anurag scoffs her. Shristi enters and says Vishu is additionally taunting her. Rohini enters. Ragini and Shristi question her to defend them from sasuma’s wrath. Rohini says bhabhi slept, so they needn’t disaster. Dulari brings bikini field and returns it to them. Ragini provides it to Anurag closing her eyes. Anurag shows it to Vishu. Rohini walks out smiling. Subsequent day, Revathi calls Ragini and Shristi down and starts pampering them.

Precap: Revathi pampers Shristi and Revathi. Revathi gets fully happy that sasumaiya forgave her. Rohini says husband and wife are incomplete with out every other. Revathi provides holy job to Ragini. Ragini walks retaining holy pot and slips. Revathi holds pot, looking at her angrily.

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