Agnifera 12th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Agnifera 12th July 2017 Written Update

Shristi rushes Vishu to health center and pleads physician to take care of Vishu. Doc asks how did he injure. She says a couple of goons attacked them. He says it is a correct case and police desires to learn first. Shristi says he can’t converse medicine first, else she will be able to settle action in opposition to his health center. He asks who is she. She says she is a attorney. He takes Vishu for medicine. Shristi informs Anurag.

Ragini scolds Parag for injuring himself and asks why did he creep bike when he has autos. He says his buddy bought unique foreign bike, so he rode it. She scolds to rest silently while she speaks to doc about his medicine. She walks out. Anurag rushes to health center and asks Shristi how did he accident came about. She explains him entire incident. Ragini sees them and blood on Shristi’s sari and thinks whose

blood it is. Doc comes, and Anurag asks how is Vishu now. Doc says he did stitches, however Vishu misplaced loads blood and desires blood transfusion. Ragini will get shy. Doc assessments Anurag’s blood and says his blood community did not match with Vishu’s. Ragini enters and says she desires to donate and her blood community is standard O clear. Doc tests her blood and says she will be able to donate.

Anurag informs Vidhvan that Vishu met with an accident and explains him entire difficulty. Vidhvan worriedly informs family, asks Brij to take care of maa and rushes in opposition to health center. Revati rushes within the inspire of him.

Ragini sits on a bench after donating blood. Narad brings her juice and insists to have it as she edifying donated blood. She says she doesn’t need it. Anurag notices her silently. He sits exterior operation theater and asks doc how is Vishu now. Doc says he is glorious and can also level-headed be shifted to ICU, will manufacture consciousness in 4-5 hours. Anurag tells Shristi that Vishu grew up so soon and took up his responsibilities so successfully. Shristi says he can also level-headed, Ragini adopted her responsibilities procedure inspire. Doc offers medicine list and asks Anurag to bring it.

Shristi prays god to cure Vishu soon. Vidvhan enters with Revati and Divya and asks Shristi how is Vishu now. Revati begins yelling at Shristi that she will be able to settle her son’s life and to pick up out of here. Vidhvan asks her to waste yelling. Anurag comes inspire and says she is scolding a lady who saved Vishu’s life.

Ragini takes Parag house. Vani asks Parag how he got injured. He says he used to be utilizing bike imaging Salman Khan and slipped. Vani scolds him. She sees bandage on Ragini’s hand and asks what came about to her. Ragini thinks she informs her that Vishu is injured, she will be able to scamper to health center, so she will be able to also level-headed no longer expose her reality. She tells that she donated blood to a needy individual. Vani says she did correct.

Vidhvan and family waits exterior ICU. Nurse says Vishu is wide awake now. All of them skedaddle in, however Revati stops Shristi. Vishu asks where is Shristi. Vidhvan calls Shristi in. Vishu asks Shristi to sit down down shut to him. Revati angrily offers her procedure. Vishu tells Shristi that he stable her dignity as promised. Nurse asks all people to head out and handiest one individual preserve at evening. Vishu says Shrhisti will preserve. Anruag asks all people to head away while he stays with Vishu. Shekhar rushes in and asks Shristi if she is glorious. She says certain, however Vishu got injured conserving her and tells him entire story crying. He consoles her and she or he leans on his shoulders. Vishu asks nurse where is Shristi. Nurse says she left. Vishu rushes out eradicating his IV strains calling Shristi. Shristi hears him and rushes to him. He asks no longer to head a long way from him. Anurag and Shristi pick up him inspire to mattress and Shristi feeds him soup.

Precap: Anurag offers his jacket to Shristi and alerts to smile. Raginni fumes noticing that, takes inspire jacket from Shristi and slaps her.

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